UPDATE: I’m Not Dead!

Hey guys! I just thought I would give you guys a big apology for completely neglecting this blog for the longest time. I guess I was in over my head here and didn’t plan out how I was gonna carry on with this blog. I was easily overwhelmed with everything else in life and just didn’t put in the time and effort towards my food blog. So to everyone who reads this blog, I’m sorry.

Now with that said, I will be updating this blog on a weekly basis now (I promise!) Starting today (with my review of Lan’s Asian Grill), you can expect a new post from me every Friday! I’ve got some new ideas for content I’ve been working on that breaks away from the usual restaurant review…Because I love food and I want to talk about food related things!

So keep your eyes peeled every Friday for new posts!

With that said, I hope you guys stick around because my journey to eat everything that Edmonton has to offer is underway!


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