It’s that time of the year again!

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When it comes to big events in the city, Edmontonians have a large variety of events to look forward to. Eskimo fans have the Grey Cup. Families have K-Days. Oilers fans have the NHL Draft. But when it comes to Edmonton foodies like myself, we have the release of Avenue’s list of Best Restaurants in the city to look forward to every year.

Looking at this years list, I was actually surprised to see some restaurants that I hold near and dear to my stomach make this years list. One of them being Thanh Thanh (10718 101 St NW). I’ve been going to that place for over a decade and it’s definitely nice to see them get the recognition they deserve! With that said, expect a review for Thanh Thanh in the near future!

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Source: Avenue

Now that Avenue has released their 2016 list, I’m going to make it my goal this year to visit each and every single restaurant on this list. I said the exact same thing last year and failed miserably in this endeavour but hey I’m not perfect! But this year is going to be different! Starting May 11, I’m going to kick off a delicious adventure where I travel across the city to eat at the places that Avenue considers the best of the best.

So keep your eyes peeled in May because I’ll be kicking things off with a visit to Japonais Bistro! 

Stay tuned for more my hungry readers because we’re about to go on one scrumptious adventure!

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